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introspec360 seeks to examine the impact of relationships on our world and our systems, while advancing the holistic change necessary to restore all aspects of community.

Restorative Practices is an emerging social science that studies the impact of relationships on our world and our systems. With indigenous roots, restorative practices seek to strengthen social connections within schools, places of business and communities.  With the premise that we are all connected and inter-woven, restorative practices seeks to create a culture where all members of a community thrive, prosper and feel valued.


Restorative Circles are relationship building processes used to share experiences, build relationships and promote healing and understanding. Guided by a circle keeper and a physical “talking piece”, there is no hierarchical structure in a circle and all voices are heard. Circles acknowledge that we are hardwired to connect and while helping others, we in turn help ourselves.


Benefits of Restorative Circles:


  • Assumes we are all inherently good

  • Supports social and emotional expression

  • Repairs Relationships

  • Strengthens community

  • Increased compassion and empathy

  • Provides equal voice

Camille Jacobs is a Progressive Educator, Restorative Thought Leader, Trainer, National Speaker and Strategist. Her empathy and introspection are the driving force behind her new and imaginative approaches to furthering the advancement of humanity.


It is by sharing our lived experiences, collective wisdom and engaging in truth telling, we seek to honor the humanity in one another.


Love Graffiti

"My lived experience often parallels the lives of the young people, community members and organizational leaders that I serve through restorative circles. As a merchant of hope, I am        personally and professionally committed to changing the world, one circle at a time."                                                                                                                                             - CR Jacobs

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